At a time when trust has become a rare commodity between human to human transactions, ensuring trust is a necessity for building relationships. When a citizen expects the government to be transparent, it is obvious for I DO organization which runs largely on individual donors through personal contacts or online fundraising campaigns to be genuinely transparent, responsive and responsible for the every penny that is donated.
We not only see you as ‘Donor’ but also as a ‘Investor’ for the lives of the needy.

1. Sukma project finances, This is based on bank statement from 1st April 2017 to 31st July 2018. We are yet to make payments for July month.
Total Expenditure: 3, 74,887
Total Fund raised:  1,44,690
Expenditure details
Head Amount Comments
Salaries 192000 Piyush & Sukman
PM/SS Incentives 32050 Poshan Mitra/Swaasthya Saathi
Operational Expenditure 74537 Petrol, Mobile, print-outs etc.
Video Making 45000 Gondi Institutional delivery video (30k) & few videos translation from Hindi to Gondi
Miscellaneous 31300 bucket will be Operational Expenses, NRP+SS incentives but need to get exact figures for each
Total 374887
Income Details:
Head Amount Comments
Milaap Campaign 143768
Travel Reimbursement 922 NIRD RISC event: Sukma to Hyderabad
Total 144690

2. Adilabad Project Finances  – can be accessed in a detailed manner here

3. For the rest, which largely covers top management type of expenditure and supports all the projects, here are the details.
Head Amount Comments Purpose
Milaap Campaign 349631 100 villages
Individuals 45600 Direct Bank transfer 100 villages
Total 395231 100 villages
Individuals 268685 Direct Bank transfer – by friends for any org needs All
Grand Total 663916
Head Amount Comments Purpose
Salaries 536276 Rajesh, Alok – salary; Sai, Khushboo,Jagadish -Stipend
Operational Expenditure 35289 Travel, Food, Stationary, Printing etc.
Auditing 5000
App development 25000 Paid to Bhagavan
1000 days app dev
Website 3815 GoDaddy Renewal charges
Miscellaneous 10000
Total 615380
A new sheet named “Projections” to the google sheet Finances 2017-18 FY
Overall  Components  Cost to be incurred
1 Arrears 184360
2 One time costs 200000
3 August Salaries 188000
4 September Salaries 188000
5 September operating expenditure 42000
Total Cost till 31st September 802360
Bank Balance as on 31/8/18 708000

Note: This page is last updated on Sept 9th 2018.

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