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Soon after recruitment (mid-late April), the Fellows would be virtually introduced to social challenges in our country. In May/June, different Fellows would be placed in different Host Organizations for 1 month, so as to get an exposure to grassroots work in the social sector. They would be involved in the Host Organization’s work, and challenged to come up with solutions to some of the problems the Organization is facing. Some of the Host Organizations will be providing food and accommodation to the Fellow, while some others will be charging a nominal fee.

In the first week of July, all the Fellows would be come to Ralegan-Siddhi, a model village in Maharashtra, for a 4 day peer-learning workshop. The logistics and accommodation will be arranged and paid for by the I DO team for this workshop. The peer-learning workshop will help Fellows to maximize their learning from the 1-month placement period. The Fellows would reflect and share learnings from their experiences. They will also get exposure to the developmental work that is being carried out in Ralegaon Siddhi, and interact with a few social leaders.

After the 1 month placement and the peer-learning workshop, we will create a platform where all the members of this Fellowship can share their ideas on how to solve social problems that they are interested in. We will support them in planning and executing their idea, and if necessary, connect them to social leaders who have experience of working in that area. This is aimed at being a long-term process, rather than a time-bound one.