How can I apply and become a Champion of Change?

Applications for the Fellowship’s 2016 batch are now closed. Send us a mail at, or follow our Facebook page, if you would like to be informed when the next Applications open!

What is in it for me?
  • A great deal of learning about the grass root realities.
    Work with experts to hone your analytical and execution skills.
    Opportunity to meet other young and passionate like-minded people.
    A platform for a lifetime, to carry forward your interest to do something for the society.
Who are you looking for?

We are looking for applicants who have the interest and potential to transform into a social leader. We are looking for several qualities in our applicants, some of which are: Open to new experiences; Possessed with a learning attitude; Ready to adjust to challenging conditions; and, Enthusiastic to take up challenges and act upon problems.

How will be the work condition?

If you are thinking of getting into a comfortable chair for the internship period, then Champions of Change is not for you. Fellows will have to work at the grassroots, possibly in a harsh climate. However, understand that your will-power will be tested more than your physical strength. If you have the will and the desire for new experiences, you will thrive.

How will food and accommodation be arranged?

Food and accommodation will be arranged with the help of the Host Organization. Some Host Organizations will provide food and accommodation for free, while some charge a nominal fee. This information will be communicated to the applicants later.

How long would the placement at the Host Organization be for?

Around 1 month. Tentatively from 1st June till 30th June (With an exception. Please check here.). Exact dates will be communicated to the selected fellows well before time.

Which Host Organization, and which location, will I go to after getting selected?

We have 6 Host Organizations that we are collaborating with this year, located in different parts of the country. Please look at the NGOs profile and respective work location here. Your location will be decided taking into consideration several criteria, the main one being that your interests and skills would be matched to the Host Organization’s work and requirements.

What happens after the 1-month placement period?

At the end of the 1 month placement period, all the Fellows will be requested to come to Ralegaon Siddhi, a model village in Maharashtra, for a 4 day peer-learning workshop, jam-packed with activities, in the first week of July. The logistics and accommodation will be arranged by the I DO team for their workshop. Please make sure that you go through the Program Design page to understand the Fellowship program’s design.

Why should I come to the peer-learning workshop after end of the 1-month placement period?

Different Fellows will be placed in different Host Organizations, in different parts of the country, and hence will have different experiences and learnings. It would be a great learning experience for Fellows to share their learnings with the other fellows, and absorb what others learnt. Leadership is not jut about taking the baton and executing an idea, but also working in a team, and discussions with your team-mates to develop, plan and execute an idea. The peer-learning workshop will help Fellows to maximize their learning from the 1-month placement period. You will also meet the other Fellows, and get the opportunity to initiate discussions about future plans and how you can leverage each other’s skills to execute your own ideas.

How can I get in touch with Champions of Change team in case of any doubt?

Feel free to mail ( or call (+91-9986310102) anytime.