I DO aims to accelerate the transformation of India by creating social leaders, and providing them support and a platform using which they can collaborate with like-minded people.

Why is the process of social change so slow in our country? Ours is an immense and diverse country, and we face an equally immense and diverse range of problems (like lack of access to good education and basic health care, unemployment, poor and unequal access to resources). We believe that such problems are not being solved due to ineffective action and, in many cases, inaction. Just blaming the government is pointless. We are a democracy. We are the government. Irrespective of our profession, we can contribute to development and good governance through effective action. But such action is lacking. In addition, there is not much support for people interested in driving change. This discourages many from getting into the social sector. Further, many of those who are driving change at grassroots rarely collaborate with others working in similar fields. If they do so, then the process of social change would be accelerated.

So, we believe that this slow pace is, at the core, due to the  lack of:

  • social leaders,

  • platforms to support social leaders, and

  • collaboration between social leaders.

We aim to solve these problems.

It is over 67 years since India achieved independence. But we have still not been able to achieve the vision laid out by our people in those historic times. This vision is enshrined in the values of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution. We have adopted this vision as our own.

We believe that we stand at a critical and exciting phase of our country’s and our world’s history. It is upto us, the citizens, to decide how our future unfolds.