• 10 villages

We started working in 10 villages in Danthanpally PHC area for our innovative pilot from July-2018. The village details can be seen in the below picture:

10 villages

After discussion with the District Collector, we have taken the approach of empowering villagers to improve MCHN standards as it’s the only sustainable way.

Community Empowerment Process

We started with a baseline survey, conducted Tribal Entitlement Awareness Meetings (TEAM), formed Swaasthya aur Poshan Mitra (SPM) committees in each village, built capacities of SPM committees to support and monitor government functionaries and conduct monthly social audits.

Baseline SurveyWe started with a survey in the 10 villages to know the level of malnourishment among kids and the level of awareness the villagers have on issues of health and nutrition.

TEAM in fieldThrough various schemes and programs, government tries to ensure that every mother and child is healthy. But, the public is usually not aware of their entitlements and don’t know how to demand. We conducted meetings in tribal villagers along with the government functionaries  to bridge this gap

At the end of TEAM, the community selects a few enthusiastic villagers for Swasthya aur Poshan Mitra (SPM) Committee.

SPM in action

SPM committee supports and monitors the government functionaries to improve MCHN in their village. We did capacity building for SPM committees of the 10 villages. They meet fortnightly to discuss about MCHN and together solve their problems. Every month, they conduct a social audit in presence of the entire village. Details of Social Audit can be seen in below picture.

Social audits lead by SPM committees and height measurement of kids can be seen in above picture.

Community empowerment in tribal villages is an extremely difficult task but once it becomes a success, a wave of change enters into the community which can be visible to the whole world.

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