Action Research Project – Adilabad, Telangana

The Challenge:

Child mortality is often described as a key parameter to measure social and economic progress. In India, despite being one of the fastest growing economies, there has been no visible pattern between per capita income growth and the rate of reduction in child mortality. In 2015, more than 2 children died every minute in India. India has the largest number of malnourished children in the World. The problem is exacerbated in the tribal areas of the country where infant mortality and incidence of malnutrition is far greater than the national average. Thousands of crores have been spent every year by the government through various schemes but the results are far from satisfactory.

Action Research project:

In collaboration with the District administration of Adilabad, Telangana, I DO have initiated an action research project to identify gaps in last mile delivery of services related to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children (below 6 months,  7 months to 36 months and 36 months to 72 months). Based on the field challenges, we will provide customized solutions through innovative ideas for addressing the challenges. We will also take up implementation, monitoring & evaluation of these innovative ideas.

Status of Adilabad district (Source: NFHS-4 data):

Below data is a reflection of the status of health & nutrition in Adilabad district:

Based on the secondary data available, we have identified 3 vulnerable PHCs (Primary Health Centers) regions based on infant mortality rate and diversity. Together, these 3 PHCs cover almost 10% of district population.

Name of the PHC Mortality Rate (Infant deaths per 1000 deliveries) Mandal PHC Population
Indervelly 47.04 Indervelly 29277
Hamaliwada (UHC) 40.5 Adilabad (U) 20709
Shyampur 25.4 Utnoor 18895

We will do a field study to understand various challenges (awareness, accessibility & affordability for the villagers, human resources capacity, challenges of frontline workers etc.) related to delivery of services to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children (below 6 months,  7 months to 36 months  and 36 months to 72 months) in these 3 PHCs. We will also do a field study of BETS pilot initiative of Mahaboobnagar district and HNEMS model of Dangoria Charitable Trust at Narsapur, Medak. We will also study various initiatives taken up by PMRDFs in various districts across India to address these challenges.

Operational Plan:

Tentative Dates: April 3rd to May 2nd, 2018

a) In Adilabad: We identified that we need 6 interns (3 female at least) & 3 local resource persons (knows the tribal language). They will be grouped into 3 teams. Each team will go to a particular village every day to observe & interact with ASHA, AWW and the families of PW, LM & kids (survey forms designing is in the process). In a week, together our teams will cover 18 villages. After week 1, we will revise the plan.

b) Outside Adilabad: After Week 1, few team members will visit Mahaboobnagar & Narsapur to study BETS & HNEMS models respectively.

c) Every week, there will be a meeting with the District Collector to discuss the progress and brainstorm ideas.

Interns Position Description:

I DO is looking for energetic professionals with leadership skills to accomplish a few key works. The person would be responsible for

Ø  Doing KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices) surveys among various stakeholders (like villagers, ASHAs, ANMs, AWTs etc.) about the first 1000 days of a child’s birth and the reach of various entitlements for pregnant women, lactating mothers and kids (0-6 years).

Ø  Suggest fresh ideas for plugging the gaps in last mile service delivery of govt. schemes.

Ø  Study livelihoods and food consumption pattern of villagers.

Ø  Constantly strive to enhance effectiveness & efficiency of the program.

Required Skills:

  • Skill/Experience in engaging with villagers and frontline government staff with empathy.
  • Excellent communication skill both in verbal and written in Telugu & English
  • Expertise in MS-Office

Perks: Stipend, Certificate, letter of Recommendation, Pre-Placement Offer(for exceptional candidates). Food, accommodation & travel will be taken care by us.

Impact Scope:

Most of the schemes related to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children (below 6 months, 7 months to 36 months and 36 months to 72 months) are similar across India. Together, more than 13 crore people get their entitlements through these schemes. Your ideas & work once scaled up effectively can bring a massive change across the country.

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